DMSL appoints new SRN director

Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd (DMSL) has appointed Bryn Jones as its new Shared Rural Network (SRN) director.

Bryn joins the organisation on 4 July 2022 to lead the DMSL team in delivering the publicly funded element of the SRN programme. He replaces Paul Young, who retires from full time employment this month.

Bryn will work closely with Building Digital UK (BDUK), Ofcom and the four mobile operators to deliver coverage improvements across the UK and ensure value for public spend.

Jones brings decades of experience in the UK mobile market including working with Virgin Mobile, Virgin Media, EE and Three. He previously managed Virgin’s mobile and off-net broadband technologies, Three’s mobile network for 3G, 4G and its preparation for 5G, and, as a Board Member of MBNL, helped manage the EE/Three network sharing arrangements and roll-outs.

DMSL is a joint venture of BT, Three, Virgin Media 02 and Vodafone. The organisation manages and runs the SRN programme and provides reporting and tracking information for the programme.

The Shared Rural Network is a £1 billion programme that brings industry and government together to deliver faster and more reliable mobile connectivity to boost productivity and investment in rural areas. It will deliver 4G coverage to at least 95 per cent of the UK.

Jones joins DMSL from Pure Planet, a renewable energy retailer serving the residential market, where he was chief technology officer.