Doro experience software won the best of CTIA wireless 2012 award from Techlicious

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Doro, the European market leader in easy-to-use mobile phones and applications for seniors, is proud to announce that its innovative software the Doro Experience won the Best of CTIA Wireless 2012 Award from Techlicious.

The Doro Experience reflects the Techlicious mission to help Make Tech Simple for consumers. The Software combines a straightforward user interface that provides easy navigation with large clear icons and applications specifically developed for seniors, e.g. the DoroFriends App simplifies navigation of Facebook which enables seniors to participate in social media more easily. It can be installed onto any Windows PC or Android based smart device to make it easy-to-use.

Jerme Arnaud, CEO at Doro commented, “Doro team is excited and proud to receive the Best of CTIA 2012 Awards. It is a huge honor for us to get recognized by Techlicious. The next awards we are looking forward to receiving are our customers’ appraisal and satisfaction.”

“Even the most technically advanced of us sometimes get lost in theplethora of features and apps on today’s smartphones,” says Suzanne Kantra, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Techlicious. “For seniors, who may not be familiar with the latest technology, this problem is even more daunting. Doro has done an excellent job at simplifying the smartphone interface to its core functions, while also giving family members a way to remotely manage the content and applications.”

The awards were selected by the Techlicious editors for those products that truly excelled in their categories. After evaluating all the products, the magazine’s editorial staff chose the winner based on a combination of: benefit to the consumer, innovation, value and availability. According to Techlicious, Doro is simply the best for seniors.

In addition to the Techlicious award, Doro Experience won third place at the awards ceremony for the 2012 CTIA Emerging Technology Awards in the Mobile Applications category.