DSL choose latest Android technology for field workers

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MyMobileWorkers has released the latest version of its award-winning workforce management app available on all Android devices.

The update comes after the company announced it has signed up its latest Android customer, DSL, for its team of 22 field engineers to use the app on their phones to record job details.

The pay-as-you-go app, the first of its kind in the UK, lets field workers capture information in real time on site, via Android, Windows Mobile or rugged devices.

It works by enabling field workers to feed job information via the app into a back office system, allowing staff to monitor their progress and allocate jobs.

Founder of MyMobileWorkers, Graham Whistance, said: “We have an active product development programme for the app, which is particularly important in the constantly evolving world of mobile.

“DSL liked the flexibility of MyMobileWorkers and the fact it’s available as pay per job, avoiding costly and lengthy contracts. Like all of our customers, we have worked closely with DSL to gain valuable access to their experiences with the app so they can influence and benefit from the direction it is moving in.”

Ian McGregor, contracts director from DSL which is based in Kent, said: “What impressed us about this new technology is that our workers already have Android phones so we didn’t have to buy expensive new equipment.

“Apps have become increasingly popular for business use to increase efficiency and save money and I think they are the way of the future. This latest version of the MyMobileWorkers app offers the exact features we were looking for, something that previously, only companies larger than ourselves could afford.”

Some of the new features include:

•Full calendar view for managers to see workers schedules and book jobs accordingly

•Email job details to customer via PDF

•Ability to edit or delete a job before it is sent to the phone and rebook a job when it is completed or failed

•Improved vehicle check process- a list of safety checks for the worker to sign off to make sure the vehicle is road worthy

Customers will be upgraded to MyMobileWorkers Version 5 at no extra charge and a full list of additional features can be found on the MyMobileWorkers website.

Version 5.2 is already scheduled for release next month and will include a customer registration option to enable user’s customers to log-in to create and view jobs and a Resource Planner View.

The MyMobileWorkers app has enabled a number of companies, including a food waste recycling company and a building maintenance company, to save thousands of pounds and benefit environmentally as field workers have been able to scrap paperwork and log jobs from their phones.