Dunstone Launches CPW Networks

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Carphone Warehouse CEO Charles Dunstone and MD Neil McArthur have officially launched Carphone Warehouse Networks (CPW Networks) at the site of the proposed new Centre of Excellence in Irlam, Manchester

Previously Opal Networks, CPW Networks will build on its 10 year history of running efficient networks as the UK’s fourth largest voice carrier in the UK. CPW Networks is currently the only operator that has BT equivalent Class 5 services deployed within a fully unbundled Next Generation Network (NGN).

CPW Networks say they are the fourth largest voice carrier in the UK and the only operator to have an operational, fully unbundled, next generation network with BT equivalent Class 5 services. CPW Networks currently switches over 2 billion minutes each month over its network

Since November 2005, CPW Networks has unbundled nearly 850 exchanges to give almost 70% customer coverage in the UK. £100m has been invested into Carphone Warehouse Networks to develop the Groups LLU strategy and support its drive for future growth in the range, quality and value of services provided to wholesale, residential and business customers.

The CPWN Centre of Excellence is being built at a site in Irlam, Manchester, and will create up to 600 jobs in the area. The building is the result of an 8m investment and will be purpose built for CPWN.

Charles Dunstone commented, “Carphone Warehouse Networks is a continuation of the £100million investment we have made into the network to create a leading alternative to BT. This is evident in the fact that we have one of the lowest operational costs per switched minute than any other operator in the market and are the only operator who has an operational, fully unbundled, NGN with our own Class 5 equivalent services”.

Neil McArthur, wholesale industry expert and MD of CPWN commented: “We also have over quarter of a million end users already using our network LLU services and are connecting 25,000 subscribers a week onto our NGN. We are very pleased to be extending our base in Irlam and will be recruiting some excellent talent at all levels over the next few years”.

CPW Networks currently operates one of the most efficient PSTN networks in the UK and houses its own IN and IVR platforms. Because CPW Networks owns IPR on all its services it is able to be more flexible in deploying and bringing new products to market. Over 2 billion minutes are switched each month over the network through a range of inbound and outbound value-added services such as network call recording, call screening and call queuing.