eacs achieves ISO 20000-1 certification

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Managed services provider eacs has achieved the ISO 20000-1 certification for IT Service Management.

ISO 20000-1 is an internationally recognised standard showing a business has the right processes, procedures and checks to ensure delivery of effective, high-level managed services to its customers.

Kevin Timms, chairman and chief executive of eacs (pictured) said that the MSP is now one of only a small number who have attained the certification.

“For our customers, it gives peace of mind in knowing that we deliver our services to a recognised standard and adds a level of assurance that our service management practices and processes are controlled and applied consistently across all our managed customers’ service life cycle,” Timms said in a statement.

External auditors looked at every aspect of eacs’ service management procedure, which Timms explained was able to adapt and ‘become more agile to meet changing demands’ during the pandemic.

Having achieved ISO22301 Business Continuity certification in 2020, eacs said it was well-placed to adjust to remote working and was able to equip its support team with the necessary tools to support clients from home within 36 hours of the government’s guidelines. Existing customers saw no drop off in the level of service, the MSP added, despite a ‘dramatic’ increase in the number of calls.

“We could have left it at that, however as a business, we decided to take the opportunity to undertake a thorough review of our processes and procedures to support our ISO2000-1 certification aspiration,” Timms added. 

“The success of our ISO certification shows that we believe we are on the right path and shows that we have the right processes and procedures in place to support our future growth plans, but perhaps more importantly, proves that we have a culture of continual improvement embedded throughout the organisation.”