Easynet Joins CIF

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Easynet has become the latest member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

CIF, the industry body that aims to improve standards and education in the cloud industry, was formed in 2009 to provide transparency through certification to a Code of Practice for credible online Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and to assist end users in determining the necessary information to enable them to adopt cloud services.

Philip Grannum, Easynet’s Managing Director of Cloud, Hosting & UC Services stated: “When looking at Cloud computing as a way forward for delivering IT, it is essential that we see it not as just an issue of technology, but one of enabling business process change, service delivery change, and of course IT management change. When you view it this way it is no surprise that the passions are raised as cloud services arguably represent the most significant opportunity to improve the way IT is delivered and managed, potentially freeing up businesses to focus their efforts on their strategic goals rather than on maintaining IT operations.

“The cloud revolution has been growing steadily for the past few years. It is now becoming mainstream within the IT industry, encompassing a broad range of potential suppliers from ISVs to hosting companies and global brands. Yet some firms are still concerned about a perceived lack of transparency and openness from service providers, resulting in a lack of trust. Cloud service providers need to be able to allay customer fears about levels of service, interoperability and security and it is this that lies at the heart of our decision to join the Cloud Industry Forum.”

Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum, added: “The perception of many UK business leaders is that the cloud services are complex, making it harder than it need be to increase its uptake and establish user confidence. There are also concerns that by moving your IT capability to a third-party, businesses could be exposed to unknown financial, security or resilience risks of the third party. In reality, the cloud is a very safe environment for an organisation’s data.

“The cloud is promoted by the industry as the greatest revolution in the delivery of IT services for a generation and a disruptive concept by many prospective adopters. Whilst the former is not surprising, the latter is due to the lack of understanding about how to scope cloud services and how to integrate them within the wider IT strategy. This uncertainty can be compounded by a lack of knowledge of who to trust in balancing an on premise capability with an online one and has therefore made some IT managers and business leaders reluctant towards investing in cloud services.