Easynet Launches Next Gen Services for SME

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Easynet Connect has launched the next generation of its highly acclaimed EtherStream V. First to market with its 160Mbps EtherStream V service earlier this year, Easynet has now pushed access limits even further by launching a 320Mbps version.

EtherStream V has proven a great fit for SMEs that require a flexible and cost-conscious approach to IT. The service benefits from stringent SLAs which guarantee a robust service to support critical business applications hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Because Easynet is securing more bandwidth from the fibre broadband service already in place, there is no need for the disruption or costs that can come from a major cable installation. The new, next generation EtherStream V reaches download speeds of up to 320Mbps and upload speeds of 80Mbps and the service is available at locations across the UK.

Senior Telecoms Analyst Gary Barton from Current Analysis said, “Easynet has a strong pedigree of delivering quality bonded access services, and is developing an impressive access portfolio. 320Mbps download speeds fill a useful niche for SMEs and large enterprise branch offices. EtherStream V compares well on price versus traditional fibre-based solutions offering similar bandwidth”.

Mike Ayres, Easynet Connect’s General Manager for its B2B division said, “The new generation EtherStream V service opens up a world of possibilities for SMEs. Just like large enterprises, SMEs need to run critical applications and require comparable services, but they rarely have access to the same big budgets. Where these speeds and SLAs might previously have been unattainable due to the prohibitive costs, they are now a reality. Easynet continues to invest in creating unique products that offer better choice to our customers”.

QDOS Communications, an Easynet partner specialising in IT and technology solutions for the hospitality industry, welcomed the development. Dan Edwards, Technical IT Manager at QDOS said, "Our Hotel customers are asking us for more bandwidth to meet the growing needs of their guests. Providing high quality Wi-Fi is a critical component in a Hotel’s armoury, used to differentiate itself and entice corporate and personal customers. EtherStream V fits the model perfectly – it gives the speed of fibre with the same high-level SLAs, but with a price tag and delivery times that are ideal for the hospitality industry.”