End of the 9 to 5?

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The nine to five working environment will soon become a thing of the past, that’s according to a group of cloud experts at a round table debate at UKFast in Manchester.

The experts made the claim after challenging recent research from StratoGen that found businesses are not using cloud to its full potential.

Lawrence Jones, CEO of cloud and colocation firm UKFast, disagrees with the research, highlighting that cloud is creating limitless opportunities for the working environment.

He said: “The best thing about cloud is the innovation that’s coming off the back of it and the speed of change. People are now just saying: ‘You know what? Anything is possible.’ And it’s true, in business especially.

“Users have seen extraordinary results through cloud. Businesses can enjoy increased performance and flexibility, launching new services in an instant without a huge investment up front. More and more organisations are looking at cloud –hosted desktops as a way to increase their flexibility.”

Adam Caplan, CEO of USP Training agrees that cloud is positively changing the work environment before our eyes.

He said: “People are working from home now more so than ever. There are now call centres with staff working from home. This is only possible because of the cloud; we can now monitor calls, call times, and recordings like never before. The cloud is making big changes in business.”

Simon Calderbank agrees the cloud is creating fantastic flexible working opportunities for employees, however raises concerns about how the end of nine to five might affect workplace culture.

He said: “People underestimate the power of working in teams. I think sometimes working from home can fragment the working culture. I’m a big believer of the cloud but the environment in the workplace is key to collaboration. The cloud empowers working from home, it’s certainly changing the way we operate, but there needs to be a balance. We can’t lose the working environment altogether.

“In my opinion the power of the cloud is all about exploring and seeing what works best for the individual and the business.”

Richard Venables, director at RV Group, believes the cloud is empowering change to businesses for the better.

He said: “We don’t need to see a lawyer at a desk working 9-5 anymore; they can be at home doing the same job just as well, if not better. Virtual working is taking over in a lot of industries. The cloud makes everything accessible and all employers and employees should be making the most of it.”

The comments were made at a round table event held by cloud and colocation firm UKFast, at UKFast Campus in Manchester.