Enigma Recovery Update SmartPhone Recovery Pro™ Range

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SmartPhone Recovery Pro range is compatible with Android and iPhone

Enigma Recovery has upgraded their SmartPhone Recovery Pro™ range, and now offers compatibility with iPhone® and Android™ devices. The SmartPhone Recovery Pro, which is available for purchase now, allows iPhone users to recover data from both the backup file created in iTunes® and/or from the iPhone directly. In the case of Android handsets, data is recovered directly from the device.

Offering individually compatible products for each handset, Enigma Recovery is now also providing a ‘Suite’ version of the products, which provides a two in one solution with dual handset compatibility making the product unique in the market. Compatible with Windows for Android and iPhone, the SmartPhone Recovery Pro™ is also distinct compared to competing software, as the iPhone version of the product is compatible with Mac OS.

Recoverable deleted data includes SMS, contacts, call history, calendars and notes for iPhone users, and SMS, photos, files (including .doc, .pdf, .xls, .mp3 and .jpeg amongst others), videos and audio for Android users. In addition to its recovery features, the SmartPhone Recovery Pro™ can also display standard non-deleted data from both devices, including but not limited to photos, videos, web history and predictive text. The device is automatically detected and connected to when plugged into the PC or Mac, with the software running directly from the flash drive, the SmartPhone Recovery Pro has no installation requirements.

Martin Fox, Sales and Marketing Director of Enigma Recovery added, ‘with the rising dependence on mobile devices to store both personal and corporate information, the need to keep such data secure is ever-increasing. The SmartPhone Recovery Pro™ range offers several options for business users and consumers, dependant on their specific requirements, whether they have one or multiple devices they wish to retrieve and recover data from. In the upcoming months, we will be continuing research and development to match the growth and demand that we are currently seeing in the mobile and Smartphone security market.’