Entanet Launches New Synergi Portal

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Entanet is preparing to launch its new synergi portal, which brings together both its partners and end-user management portals into a single all-encompassing and cohesive experience.

The new synergi has been completely rewritten and re-platformed to be fast and stable, and to work responsively on both desktop and mobile devices.

Entanet’s reseller partners will be able to ‘white-label’ the portal and present it as their own management interface to end-user customers. Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at Entanet, said that the new portal is an important part of the company’s continuing on-going investment in partner services.

“We are always working to make improvements for customers and while the emphasis will always be on personal service, partners also value having direct access to core functions such as availability checking and ordering; and to information about connections and traffic. This is very important now, especially to resellers who are growing their customer base and their partnership with Entanet. It is also important for them to be able to have access to the full capabilities of the portal, 24/7/365 and on any kind of device.

“The new synergi gives them – and their customers – much more visibility and control. They can see exactly what is happening, which means they can work with our team in a completely open way to maximise service levels for customers.”

Partner feedback has been the strongest influence in shaping the new portal, he added. “Our customers asked, we listened and we responded. The synergi portal has become an important tool for our partners and the new version, with its extended functionality and white-label capability, will be an even better platform for building great customer service.”

The new synergi combines into one interface a number of tools that were previously available to partners and customers. Resellers can only see information about their own connections and general network performance. A simple permission-based system allows resellers to control who can see information about orders, accounts and connections.

The initial release of the new synergi will provide all core features, including the ability to manage portal users and permissions, create and view customer records, check single DSL and EFM availability using CLI and address matching, create and view orders, re-grade connections, log faults and complaints, view and download commission records, access detailed reports on all connections, access the Entanet knowledge base, and the ability to receive NOC, operational and commercial alerts.

Additional functionality is being released on a phased basis over the coming months. This will include the white-label capability, support for VoIP and SIP ordering, real-time agent interaction, enhanced tools for providing feedback to Entanet, and integration of e­billing and VoIP user portals.