Entanet Targets ISPs With Wholesale Carrier Services

1 min read
Entanet, the business to business ISP, has launched a series of Wholesale Carrier Services that will enable other service providers and businesses to deliver high speed Internet connections with a full service level agreement to their own customers.

Chief Operating Officer, James Blessing, said: “As part of our network upgrades we spotted the opportunity to extend the services provided to our customers and since the hardware we had chosen would already support our product design it was a real no-brainer.

“Upgrading to MPLS-capable Cisco hardware was an obvious choice”, said Chief Technical Officer Steve Lalonde. “The network required additional capacity and the devices we selected could easily handle both the 10 Gbps capacity needed in London and the additional features to support the Wholesale Carrier Services portfolio, so doing both upgrades simultaneously was actually easier.”

Blessing added: “We are always looking for additional services and products that we can offer our partners and this fits nicely with the Wholesale ADSL and SDSL that we already offer. Leased Lines and Ethernet services are the next step for many businesses and by enabling our partners to provide the service we are helping them to retain the business. '

Entanet say Carrier Ethernet is a high-quality, dedicated, Layer 2 networking service that is ideal for connecting third-party customer sites to Ethernet networks, Internet and hosted services.