Ethernet Fibre Fuels Rising Market Demands for Broadband Speed

1 min read Networks & Network Services
UK based business communications company Intercity has teamed up with key UK carriers to offer their Ethernet Fibre solution to 50,000 current subscribers and new customers due to growing market demands.

Intercity says the demand in the market has risen due to businesses utilising internet connectivity more frequently, therefore relying on a solution that is secure, reliable and offers exceptional upload and download speed. Ethernet Fibre provides a dedicated connection from the business premises straight to the internet. The service is uncontended so customers will not be sharing with other network users and are guaranteed the bandwidth they purchase – whether 2mb or 200mb.

The benefits of Ethernet Fibre will be apparent to the business instantly with a high speed connection which is suitable for all web based activities such as VoIP, vehicle tracking, hosted email or data transfer. The service is fully managed 2mb to 1gb and is highly reliable with a service level agreement. Failover options are also available.

Pre sales expert Dave Reynolds stated “Our Ethernet Fibre service gives businesses across the UK an opportunity to increase connection speeds, boost reliability and utilise additional hosted products. The service uptake is increasing month on month and is already proving to be a popular choice amongst our customer base.”