Every Cloud…

Following news that Cable & Wireless plans to cut 27,000 of its customers, Uniworld, the telecoms services provider, has confirmed that it is talking to a number of ex-Cable & Wireless dealers who have been left disillusioned by the company’s attitude towards its dealers and channel partners. Uniworld has made it clear that it intends to offer an alternative for those independent business people who want to be able to make their own choices about who they work with in the future.

Daryl Pile, Sales Director for Uniworld, comments: “Whilst the news from Cable & Wireless is obviously a worry for any one dealing with them, we have to see this as a positive for Uniworld. Our current product and services portfolio is excellently placed to fill the needs of those dealers working with the small to medium sized end-user, and our product road map demonstrates our long term commitment to working with our dealers and supporting their customers’ needs”

The Gamma Telecom switchless reseller concludes; “Uniworld’s high customer retention rate and dependable commission programme, means that it is fast becoming a favourite for dealers. Whilst the news from Cable & Wireless will undoubtedly leave a cloud over the head of many in the channel, Uniworld aims to help dealers to find the silver lining.”