Evolution Capital pays tribute to Peter Mead

Peter Mead, relationship manager at Evolution Capital, has passed away in recent days.

Mead worked for Evolution Capital between 2007 and 2021 and is recognised as “the greatest deal originator” in the company’s history. He also trained over a dozen deal originators during his tenure.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Anyone who ever met Peter, even the once, will remember him as a huge character, incredibly tenacious and yet, composed and patient.”

Whilst at Evolution Capital, Mead originated over 20 deals for telecoms and IT companies including: AdEPT, Acora, BDR Group, Ridgewall, Spiritel, Six Degrees, and Nine Telecom.

Nigel Cook, CEO, Evolution Capital, added, “Peter was known by hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders in the TMT space. Some will know his name, many will know his face, but his voice will be remembered by all. He will be sorely missed.”