Evolved Intelligence to deliver “agile intelligence” for Telcos

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Bristol based Evolved Intelligence has been launched as a new company to provide “agile” bespoke application development for telecom operators. The company claims to combine experience in the use of agile development techniques with expertise in the use of the JAIN and OSA/Parlay open standard platforms and a unique domain knowledge of IN and real-time systems.

The company has been formed by a number of people with a long history in the telecommunications marketplace.

Dave Edwards, the company’s CEO, was Director of Engineering and Information Technology with Orange (formally Microtel) where he was responsible for building up the staff and infrastructure prior to the network launch of what was then the largest GSM network in the world. He also worked for Motorola managing the rapid growth of cellular operations in a number of senior positions based in both the UK and USA. Dave was also the founder and CEO of Aethos, a pioneer in mobile payments.

Says Dave Edwards: “Our aim is simple: to help operators to give their networks a more “agile” form of intelligence. This is important because of the ever increasing competitive pressures on telecom operators. They need to be able to evolve their services very quickly indeed. They also need to be able to micro-segment and micro-target their marketplace as never before. We have the track record to help operators do this. Amongst our team we have experience of having rolled out major systems for most of the world’s top cellular operators. Today these systems are serving several hundreds of millions of subscribers.”

Nick Jones is Evolved Intelligence’s CTO. Nick was previously Vice President of architecture and new product development at LogicaCMG in their telecoms division, specialising in Intelligent Networks and mobile pre-pay systems.

“Our team is skilled in agile product development. We believe that this is the only way to achieve a good result for telcos building new applications. It is a method which allows the design to adapt and evolve as more becomes known about market requirements. This, combined with our use of industry standard JAIN SLEE and OSA/Parlay platforms, means that we can help operators become much more agile and to react more effectively, and more efficiently, to changing needs.”