Exchange Communications delivers new infrastructure for CPI Mortars

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Telecoms specialist Exchange Communications has successfully delivered a major connectivity project on behalf of a dry silo mortars specialist, providing its 10 UK offices with a significantly enhanced system.

CPI Mortars recognised that its existing telephony system required replacing with a solution that was more resilient and future-proofed.

The mortars company – which revolutionised the construction industry in 1997 with the introduction of its Dry Silo System – turned to Exchange to transform its aging communications.

The five-figure bespoke project commenced in 2017, and has now introduced improved technology, realising a faster system across all 10 sites, including Coatbridge, Manchester Leeds, Bristol, Southampton, and Wolverhampton.

Avaya IP Office was deployed at each site, allowing CPI Mortars to deliver continuous operation for the business thanks to telephony, messaging, conferencing, and more as part of a highly integrated communications system.

Exchange – which exports its services in 105 nations around the globe and has bases in Oxford, Glasgow and Aberdeen – is certain that its solution will meet CPI Mortars’ heightened connectivity needs as the business continues to expand its network of dry mix manufacturing facilities.

Tom Sime, MD of Exchange Communications, said: “We have been pleased to work closely with CPI Mortars to deliver its new system, enabling seamless connectivity across its network of sites, and realising invaluable functionality.

“In doing so, we’ve been able to provide the features needed to support the business’ growth, including scalability that opens up fresh uses.

“We were careful to work sympathetically around CPI Mortars’ existing operations as part of a highly coordinated approach, while reducing disruption as much as possible.

“With that in mind, detailed planning and preparation was put in by our teams in full consultation with the client.

“We now look forward to seeing CPI Mortars realise the full benefits of the system.”

Exchange Communications is currently leading two high-profile, seven-figure smart connectivity projects in south-west London and the City of London as part of wider regeneration works.

Exchange Communications was established in 1990, and has grown over 28 years to become one of the most successful and largest independent telecommunications companies in the UK.