Extended Coverage for FSA Mobile Call Recording

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TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, has announced an increase in the number of countries supporting the CAMEL standard, increasing the company’s ability to record mobile phone calls while users are outside of the UK.

The key change is the addition of Australia and this is the result of a request from a large financial institute in Australia who are evaluating the TeleWare product. The CAMEL standard now covers 151 countries and 541 regional networks, including the key contenders for international business from the UK. Other new countries added are Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius and Ukraine.

TeleWare Mobile Compliance provides Mobile Call Recording to enable compliance with the FSA regulations due to be introduced into the UK from 14th November 2011.

“TeleWare Mobile subscribers naturally expect the same service capabilities when travelling abroad as they do when registered onto their home network,” explained Lesley Hansen, Marketing Director for TeleWare Plc. “We avoid complicated methods to make a call while ensuring subscribers can use their account and maintain FSA compliance while roaming internationally. They can even dial straight from their mobile contacts list without having to edit numbers in order to specify the correct country code,” added Hansen.

CAMEL - Customised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic - support means that, as long as the international network supports CAMEL, the user dials as normal. When CAMEL is supported, TeleWare Mobile can ensure a seamless roaming experience. Costs are, typically, less than normal call rates and this solution ensures call recording as required for FSA compliance is delivered while travelling in CAMEL countries.