Financial Services Crave Efficiency Technology

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An overwhelming majority of financial services employees believe technology can make them more productive at work, according to a new poll from Intercity Technology.

The communication and information technology specialist also found that financial services employees felt that poor technology caused an average reduction of 23% in productivity, meaning that employees may be inhibited from working to full capacity.

Richard Burke, managing director at Intercity Technology said: “In business, productivity is synonymous with the bottom line, so a company operating at a 23% reduction is missing a trick. Therefore, it's important that businesses are investing their money in the technology that’s going to have the biggest impact.”

The research also revealed that staff believe optimal technology could improve their productivity by 36%.

Burke continued: “These results reveal an obvious appetite for efficient technology in the financial services sector, giving businesses an opportunity to improve the way they work and create a competitive advantage.

“The right tech can significantly boost productivity, but business owners needn’t be put off by the thought of hefty investments in large IT projects, often simple alterations can dramatically change the way people work for the better.”