Firstcom Europe unifies its brand

Firstcom Europe has announced the name change of its UK subsidiary companies. Telesis and Difference Corporation will now operate under the banner of Firstcom Europe, in line with its UK restructure and expansion.

The company explained that the highlighted “U”, in the Firstcom Europe logo refers to its unified communications product, Universe. This offering combines video, chat, voice, fax and team collaboration on one platform.

Christian Bleakley, CEO, Firstcom Europe, said, “Our strategy has evolved, Firstcom Europe will project one image to the market, each of our companies leveraging off the other. Our focus has previously been to move slowly away from the existing names so as not to lose their brand recognition and then move toward Firstcom Europe. That time is now over, and we are merging our operations and identity, to be more integrated.”

Firstcom Europe currently operates in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Over the past six years Firstcom has made eight acquisitions and achieved an annual turnover of more than €36m.