FluidOne launches on-demand Ethernet

FluidOne has launched its Software Defined, Ethernet on Demand service to market. It will be available on Sky’s carrier class network with availability in over 2,800 ethernet exchanges, making it the largest Ethernet on Demand service of its kind in the UK.

Developed fully inhouse by FluidOne talented dev team, “Ethernet on Demand” (EoD) is FluidOne’s latest addition to its software defined networking portfolio and allows partners and customers to dynamically scale bandwidth up and down on their Ethernet leased line connections in real time using FluidOne’s Dash Portal.

This SDN functionality gives FluidOne partners the ability to quote, order, manage and then flex bandwidth up and down on-demand on Ethernet Leased Lines in seconds.

FluidOne CEO Russell Horton said:

“As part of an ongoing investment in innovation during the year, our network operations and software teams materially enhanced Platform One, our national fibre network. The team designed, configured and developed a robust, scalable software defined network (SDN) layer to allow ongoing releases of software defined network features over the coming year.

Ethernet on Demand is particularly strong in industries that have variable or seasonal trading and operational performance across the year. Retail, hospitality, events, travel and education all display peak bandwidth needs in busy periods; during term-time at a school, for example or at Easter and Christmas for retailers or in the summer holidays for travel firms.

Having worked closely with Sky’s Business Communications division for 2 years, we have integrated them into Platform One enabling us to offer their ethernet services to our customers and partners."