Forecast the future of UCaaS at Cavell Summit

Cavell Summit | Europe is back on 12th March, bringing together industry experts within the telecoms space to learn about the latest insights, trends, and opportunities within the market.

Cavell, telecoms research and consultancy leader, will be returning to London in March for their flagship event, bringing cloud comms providers together to learn about new trends, build relationships and network with new and current partners all under one roof.

Cavell Summit is for telcos, cloud comms service providers, MSPs, channel providers, and vendors who are looking for a comprehensive and insightful experience and to gain a greater understanding of the market and opportunities to maximise growth in the future.

The 1-day event consists of keynotes, networking opportunities, industry workshops and roundtable discussions from some of the industry leading providers, and led by Cavell’s analyst and research team who will be sharing their latest insights on the market.

In addition to an overall evaluation of the market, this year’s agenda covers some of the hottest topics in UC today.

State of the market

The industry is at a turning point with megatrends such as AI, mobility, and an evolving economic situation impacting the growth and dynamics of the cloud communications landscape. This keynote by Cavell will explore how the market is changing and the impact these changes are having on service providers.

Challenges Facing Enterprises in the Future

Cavell have brought together some of the leading CIOs from enterprises across Europe and beyond to discuss the challenges that are keeping them up at night on a panel. With years of experience in managing various companies, expect to hear a range of inputs from these IT and communications leaders who will share insight into where they expect support from providers and vendors, how they are using technology to drive efficiency and productivity, and how they see the future of the workplace evolving.

AI Trends and Impacts

AI was the hot topic of 2023, and we see no signs of this slowing down. Cavell has conducted some cutting-edge research into where telecoms companies are using AI or planning to in the future. Coupled with insight from Cavell’s latest enterprise study, this panel will address the challenges faced by enterprises and SMEs around the adoption and benefits of AI, as well as the complex challenges this presents for their businesses.

CX in 2030

The CX and contact centre market is expected to grow enormously over the next 5 years as businesses focus more on their customer experience. Cavell have brought some of the leading voices in CX and contact centre on a panel to share how they believe the market will evolve and change, look at the technologies available, and explore future of the market.

Changing route to market

You may have the best products in the world but if you don’t know how you are going to take them to market you may still fail. The channel is still the predominate way that IT and communications services are sold and is likely to be in the future.

The channel landscape is in a period of huge change with partner models, commission plans, and channel conflicts giving channel partners a headache on the best products and vendors to choose. Cavell explore how this is changing and the best practices for selling through these partners on a panel.

Differences in European markets

Cavell’s keynote will share insights from their latest research on the cloud communications markets across Europe will give attendees a view on how different markets are evolving and where the biggest opportunities are, as well as insight into the dynamics in different markets.

M&A Strategies

2023 saw a downturn in M&A activity but there is a huge pent-up demand for private equity to invest in this sector, as well as providers looking to grow through acquisition. On this panel, Cavell will explore the best practices for preparing your business for a sale, as well as what you should look for in a business when looking to buy.

ESG and Sustainability for Growth roundtable

ESG is at the top of minds for many businesses and the telecoms sector is no different. Customers are asking providers for their ESG policies and providers are looking at the best practices to do succeed in this area. This roundtable will look for different opinions from across Europe of how providers can drive better ESG policies and ultimately what the industry can do better in the future.

Marketing roundtable

Cavell are bringing marketing experts together from the worlds of SEO, content marketing, and PR and to share the best practices and how their marketing tactics are having to evolve. This is an interactive session with some of the experts leading the conversation but is an opportunity to share and learn what is working, and what is not.

Operator Connect roundtable

This private forum has been set up by Cavell to allow the Operator Connect partners to network, share best practices, and explore ways to be more successful in the future. This session is invite-only exclusively for Operator Connect partners.

Women in Telecoms roundtable

Lead by the CCUK’s Women in Telecom’s working group, this roundtable will bring together women who have been making a name for themselves in the telecom’s world, to share some insights on their journeys and how can best empower the careers of female telecom’s professionals.

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