Four-Hour Confirmations on Microsoft Open Licensing

2 min read
Computer 2000, the UK arm of Tech Data, is now offering confirmations for Microsoft Open Licensing within four working hours, following the completion of integration work that links the company’s front-end Licensing Online (LOL) systems closely with Microsoft’s own order processing systems.

The rapid confirmations will speed up processing of orders for resellers and help to improve cash-flow as invoices can only be issued once orders have been confirmed. Orders for Microsoft Open Licensing placed on LOL before 10.00am in the morning should have a confirmation issued within four working hours.

By processing Microsoft Open orders this quickly, Computer 2000 is delivering exactly what resellers want, says James Reed, Microsoft Business Manager at the company. "This is what everyone in the channel has always wanted. We've linked LOL directly into Microsoft's own systems so we can now process orders and issue the license confirmation on the same working day - if the reseller places a Microsoft order on LOL they should receive the confirmation within four working hours. That means resellers can deliver better customer service, process orders faster and get paid sooner."

In a competitive market, being able to show that you are responsive and efficient is critical, he adds. “With licensed software there is nothing tangible to show your customer until you have the license in your hand. The faster the confirmation the better for everyone – the customer gets what they want and the reseller can issue the invoice and expect payment sooner. It works for everyone.”

Processes have become much more stringent due to the introduction of Sarbanes Oxley and with increasing regulation organisations are now being very strict about order processing and payment procedures. Rapid acknowledgement of Microsoft Open orders will help to make it easier to for resellers to move through those processes smoothly and swiftly. This will ensure that the customer can make use of their licenses as quickly as possible and that payments to resellers are not delayed for any procedural reason.

Computer 2000's Licensing Online system is the most comprehensive online system for building quotations and ordering licensed software available. As well as the full Microsoft range, resellers can extract detailed costings and place orders for licenses for software from CA, Symantec (including all VERITAS products), McAfee, Novell, and Adobe. LOL is also unique in allowing licences from multiple vendors to be placed on the same order and enabling resellers to order media and documentation at the same time.

Other benefits of LOL include a feature that enables resellers to find information on up-coming customer renewals swiftly while providing access to full order history details for all vendors for licenses that the reseller has sold. Since its initial launch in February 2000, Licensing Online has provided resellers with a simple and effective way to build accurate quotes for software license sales and to place orders. Over half of Computer 2000's software revenue is generated by orders placed through the system.