Gamma announce major FTTC improvements

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Gamma has today announced major enhancements to its FTTC product that will allow its channel partners to offer one of the most competitive Business FTTC packages in the market today. Not only will all services give users up to 80mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream, but Gamma has cut its standard pricing by 20%. With a clear 40% between Gamma’s pricing and equivalent BT Infinity for Business products, channel partners stand to make a healthy profit with each sale.

James Bushell, Head of Data Services at Gamma said, “Fibre clearly meets the increasing bandwidth requirements of businesses today and it is now more widely available than ever before. And with our new pricing and competitive packages across usage and contract terms, there’s never been a better time to move to Gamma Broadband. Furthermore, to support new business, we are offering free migrations, cash-backs, discounts and cross-product subsidies. So there’re plenty of options to discuss with our Business Development team!”

On the launch webinar to its partners, Gamma also shared the results of its on-going portal development program, highlighting the benefits that it’s advanced diagnostic tools can bring to a channel partner’s operation. Unique session graphing tools and deep integration with BT Wholesale’s systems mean that resellers aren’t wholly dependent on Gamma to delineate and fix faults, helping bring down fault handling time and support costs.

Joline Cramond, Director at RTF Networks said, "Gamma launching a competitively priced 80/20 service is great news; their product set and commercials continue to adapt to the market so that we can remain competitive in a tough market and we see a really good margin opportunity with the new pricing. We also like their approach to support – their support teams are responsive and knowledgeable and the tools they supply are excellent, allowing us to offer our customers the highest levels of support.”