Get smart and capture more PBX sales

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Smartphones and social media have opened people’s eyes to the power of modern communication, creating more reseller opportunities across the PBX market.

Paul Burn, Head of System Sales at Nimans, says more intuitive ways of keeping in touch has raised expectations based on integrated, instant communication inside and outside the office.

“Everyone is more technology focused than they have ever been,” he pointed out. “This is due to the popularity of the social tools we use to keep in touch such as Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. This makes us more inquisitive about the technologies we can also use at work. There‘s now much more awareness and desire. In the past you would have had to be at work to come across computers but today a lot of people’s social life is built around fairly sophisticated technology. If people are using more technology tools in their social life then they become more interested in how they can integrate them into their working life. Can my smartphone integrate into my phone system? This is one of the more common questions posed that opens-ups more general technology conversations.”

Paul added: “There’s no doubt that the technological aspects of social life create the opportunity to discuss technology in a business environment. It opens the doors to end users gaining a greater understanding about interactive communication – at their desk or away from the office.”

Demonstrating how a new phone system can save time and money, helps ‘turn on’ today’s SME’s - increasing profitability and efficiency.

Paul concluded: The strongest reseller message is to deliver a solution that is flexible – capable of matching your customer’s needs now and also when their business evolves, it keeps pace.”