Good to be in Business say Chess

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The fact that the UK fixed line minutes market is in decline, doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity according to Chess CEO David Pollock.

“Despite the inevitable expansion in other markets with the advancements in new technology, there’s still plenty of potential for growth by saving businesses money on their telecoms, especially now, while every single company is cutting back in every way possible.

Of course, any sensible telecoms company is making adjustments to prepare for the future – you’d be crazy not too. Telecoms is, and always has been, a fast moving and dynamic industry and the key is to keep ahead of new and emerging markets as well as look after the main bulk of your business.

Fixed line and minutes has always been our primary focus but we have continued to keep our eye on the future and, over 15 years, our product range has grown and expanded to include mobile, broadband, BlackBerry, data and VoIP. SMARTER Voice – Chess’ hosted voice solution that suits businesses of all shapes and sizes is the latest product we have launched and are actively selling both directly and via our channel partners.

Innovation has played a big part in the development of these areas of Chess and offers like free calls to mobiles which we launched last year have helped us to integrate our product sets and sell solutions that enable us to capitalise on the rising value of mobile minutes at the same time as sustaining growth in our core business.

By focusing on traditional fixed line minutes opportunity and new markets, cross selling into our existing customer base, bolstering the business with successful acquisitions and investing in training the best people, we will continue to grow in 2009. The only reason to be in business in 2009, is to still be in business in 2010!