Griffin Joins LoNAP

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Griffin Internet has joined LoNAP, the independent peering point, which provides an uncongested Internet exchange in the London docklands area. Membership provides Griffin with a range of benefits and supports Griffin’s ongoing investment in its network.

The aim of LoNAP is to provide a professionally run UK peering point available to as wide a section of the UK internet community as possible. The peering point will improve inter-ISP connectivity for UK internet users, and reduce international bandwidth usage for the ISPs concerned.

Through LoNAP membership Griffin say they are able to better support customers through the increased resilience of its network. Benefits include reducing transit costs through the exchanging of traffic with other LoNAP members. Peering with other networks at LoNAP will also allow for traffic to be exchanged closer to the source or destination thus reducing latency. Connections of up to 10 Gbps through fast switch fabric and inter site links allows Griffin to provide customers with an improved service in terms of connectivity.

Griffin also hopes that membership of LoNAP will allow more ISPs to take advantage of it’s range of wholesale services. Griffin is one of the longest established and leading providers of ADSL, SDSL & Internet transit with over 200 ISPs and telecoms companies among it’s customers.

A neutral not-for-profit, independent peering point, LoNAP has been providing the infrastructure for its members to establish peering and exchange traffic since 1997. LoNAP operates a network of interconnected Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches at core sites, with the aim to provide a professionally run, uncongested, Internet exchange in the London docklands area. Its infrastructure enables network operators to lower their interconnection costs and achieve a higher level of resilience and service levels.