Griffin launches Cloud Security in MPLS VPN

1 min read
Griffin Internet says most companies that opt for a cloud approach to data networking want all of their sites to access the Internet from one central location in the cloud. This means that they need to protect their network with a firewall that is also in the cloud. Up until now this has meant buying or renting a dedicated firewall, which is both wasteful and expensive. Griffin has now come up with an innovative alternative with Virtual Firewall.

In conjunction with Virtual Firewall, Griffin has also released SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and IPSec Break-in to enhance the Cloud Security product offering.

SSL Break-in is ideal for resellers with customers that have several remote users not fixed to a specific location. It provides employees with enormous flexibility to access the network securely from any location and from any web-enabled devices such as laptop, PDA or mobile phone. The applications can include e-mail, intranet, extranet, client/server applications, VoIP, terminal services, and much more.

IPSec Break-in offers similar added security however because the configuration involves security keys and specialist hardware the remote location is normally fixed and ‘always-on.’ With SSL a secure tunnel is established for each session.

“Griffin was the first channel-only aggregator to launch an agile MPLS product specifically designed for resellers to help them compete directly with the carriers. Over the last three years we have continued to develop the product adding a variety of different connection types and unique features like ShIVER and QoS. Watch for more innovative product enhancements later in the year.” Lee Broxson, Head of Sales, Griffin.