Griffin passes the 100,000 milestone in their fibre broadband campaign

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SMEs are demanding faster, more reliable access to the Internet and competition for business is fierce. Resellers proactively offering their customers upgrades as soon as exchanges and cabinets become available stand a good chance of retaining their customers on longer term, high-margin contracts. The main challenge is finding out what speeds are available and when, before the competition makes their move.

Griffin offers a solution by identifying all fibre broadband opportunities within their resellers’ customer bases providing thousands of leads to call with new speeds, lead times and pricing. Using an automated tool developed in-house they are able to check FTTC availability for thousands of business telephone numbers with a clear view on exchange and street cabinet availability.

Lee Broxson, Head of Sales at Griffin had this to say, “We are on a mission to help our channel win the FTTC deals in their bases before their competition comes knocking. We have run over 100,000 sites through our automated tool so far, generating 40,000 FTTC opportunities for Partners that are around three times the value of the standard broadband lines they will replace. Also we have found that fibre broadband is much more reliable than standard ADSL and circuit speeds fluctuate far less – so fewer technical support calls and happier customers!”