Griffin Tops ISP Survey

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Comms Business magazine emailed a survey commissioned by Swan Independent Research to measure the brand awareness of ISPs in the channel. 12,962 Resellers were sent the survey and 106 Resellers took part. The survey was filled out online by clicking through the email and all participants were entered into a draw to win £200 of M&S vouchers. Questions were unprompted and answers were collected in free text fields.

Griffin Internet was named as the single company that comes to mind first as the market-leading Internet Services Provider to the Reseller community with 25% followed by BT with 24%.

Technical ability, support, quality of services and reliability were key factors that Resellers felt that the market-leader had that others did not. Price also came up as a factor when deciding on a channel ISP Partner.

BT was named ISP of choice for MPLS networking with 22% followed by Griffin with 14% of Resellers rating them in second place.

Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director, Griffin Internet commented, “Griffin encourages structured feedback like this from the market because as a business-only, channel only ISP we are only successful when our partners are. We are thrilled to be considered the market-leading ISP to the Reseller channel and particuarly pleased that after only a year from launch our Agile MPLS product is second only to BT, who have dominated the MPLS IPVPN market for years.”

In answer to which single company comes to mind first as the market-leading Internet Service Provider the following were the top five companies.

Griffin 25.47%

BT 23.58%

Zen 3.77%

None 3.77%

Murphx 3.77%