Hang-Up On Monthly Mobile Rip-Off Charges

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Mobile innovator Ovivo is revolutionizing the UK’s mobile market by making monthly contracts and minimum top-up fees a thing of the past

This is music to the ears for everyone who detests monthly mobile charges, especially students and overseas visitors who have been ripped-off for years. The majority of students are addicted to their mobile phone, but struggle with the ever increasing prices operators slap them with. Likewise, overseas visitors to the UK are sick and tired of being charged ridiculously high data roaming charges.

Ovivo, a London based virtual network operator, is revolutionizing the UK’s mobile market by giving customers a pre-paid SIM, which means there are no contracts or monthly top-up issues to worry about.

By signing up to Ovivo’s service, users get 200 minutes calls to any network in the UK, 200 texts and 512MB Mobile Internet all for a one off-payment of £5.00. If users go over this allowance, their service simply switches to a Pay-As-You-Go – with the cheapest rates in the UK for standard calls, texts and data. Calls and texts between fellow Ovivo customers are completely free.

Ovivo’s mobile service is available to all UK Smartphone and tablet users no matter what operator you are with, as long as you not tied into a contract. Ovivo has also teamed up with mobile connectivity experts Tweakker to ensure that users will have a no hassle experience when connecting to its network.

Innovation is key to Ovivo as it is breaking the mould in the provision of phone services. By signing up, customers grant permission to use their personal data for marketing and analytical purposes. Using this information, mobile advertising is carefully pushed to mobile phones and tablets in a non-intrusive manner, which allows the MVNO to provide a generous amount of usage each month with no monthly commitment or minimum top-ups. No personal information is ever sold to third parties.

Ovivo has also set-up a reward scheme for their customers. This has been set-up via its Facebook page and gives free credit to users who recommend their friends and family. When one of your friends signs up for Ovivo Mobile and then installs the Facebook app, they are invited to tell Ovivo who invited them to sign-up. This person is then awarded 1 loyalty point, which is worth £5.

Ovivo’s chief executive, Darish Zand, explains that the idea behind Ovivo’s service is to reduce the amount it costs for the average person to use a mobile device.

He says: “The price of mobile phones and connectivity is going up, with many hidden charges being introduced all the time. A lot of people, especially in today’s economic climate, simply cannot afford to pay these high prices. The majority of users want an easy to use mobile phone to make calls, send texts and surf the net, and they don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

“This is exactly what we give them. They do not have to worry about monthly contracts, or minimum top-ups, as our pre-paid SIM cards take this hassle away.

Zand adds: “We envisage our mobile model will be especially appealing to the 2.5 million students throughout the UK, and the many millions of visitors coming to our shores for the Olympics and festivals around the country. They will no longer feel ripped-off by high charges, and can instead enjoy using their mobile device safe in the knowledge that they know exactly what they are getting for their money.”