HighNet Launch Mobile Product

1 min read Networks & Network Services
HighNet Telecoms is due to launch its brand new mobile product on the 28th July saying that after spending a long time in development, the mobile product is unique to the industry, offering businesses the flexibility to freely move between two of the UK’s biggest mobile networks.

“HighNet Mobile introduces a fresh approach to business mobile tariffing – with an innovative yet simple concept; go back to basics and unbundle the bundle. The features and properties of the new mobile offering have been developed over a considerable time-frame to deliver an unparalleled mobile product, which is adaptable to changing business requirements. This will mean big savings for businesses up and down the country, currently paying high tariffs for services they perhaps do not fully use and effectively removes the ‘handcuffs’ they have been forced to wear with their current mobile deal. HighNet has a concentration of customers in Inverness, Aberdeen and the Central Belt, with many scattered all over Scotland and beyond, and its mobile product will be sold through its network of Partners across the UK.”

Customers of HighNet Mobile will have flexibility to choose which network they would like to be connected to and can mix and match. Customers can also move between the two carriers with no termination fees, and will have the flexibility to add or subtract subscribers within the contract period, unlike other mobile providers/something which is unique to HighNet.

In addition to HighNet Mobile’s distinctive capabilities, its subscribers can enjoy free inter-company calls if their landlines are supplied by HighNet, known internally as the “Corporate Square”. The billing platform has been fully revised to incorporate mobile phone billing and customers can be invoiced for all communications supplied by HighNet, in one unified bill.

Dave Siegel, Managing Director, adds: “Adapting to individual business requirements is central to the idea behind HighNet Mobile. This is the most exciting mobile opportunity we’ve had. We are the only company in the industry who are providing this flexible, unique mobile package.

HighNet Mobile’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of individual businesses is a distinguishing quality, which sets it apart from other business mobile products in the market. The winning combination of adaptability, free inter-company calls and a specialised billing platform, renders HighNet Mobile truly unique to the industry.”