HSC Airtime Accumulator incentive success

1 min read Networks & Network Services
HSC has stated its Airtime Accumulator incentive, to reward all of its dealers for their loyalty and to show its commitment to the channel, has been a resounding success.

The promotion, launched on 15th February 2010, was designed to enhance all of the benefits HSC offers, with rewarding gifts for dealers, dependant on the size of orders placed.

Carlos Pestana, Sales manager said: “The Airtime Accumulator has been a fantastic success. We have seen a significant increase in sales since we started this promotion. Our dealers have really engaged in the incentive, striving to increase their connections to be able to order the next tier prizes.

“We are currently reviewing the prizes that we offer within the promotion and considering increasing the range of business and consumer handset choices included in the offer so the dealer can select from a wider choice on an order to order basis. We will be running the Airtime Accumulator until at least the end of the year due to its current popularity, with a view to extend it into the New Year.”

Currently the prizes are: Order more than five handsets, receive five 2GB memory cards; Order more than 20 handsets, receive a digital camera; Order more than 50 handsets, receive a netbook; Order more than 100 handsets, receive a laptop.

Eligible handsets in the offer are: Orange, T-Mobile and Three-branded contract handsets; plus O2 contract SIM cards. The promotion is open to all HSC dealers with an active HSC account, regardless of their size, ordering any of the eligible handsets.