Huawei Better World Summit opens

Huawei has opened its Better World Summit, a four-day online event that will explore the role technology can play in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event comes amidst the backdrop of a tough regulatory environment for the Chinese technology company, with the UK government this month banning new Huawei equipment after this year and requiring UK mobile operators to remove all Huawei kit from their networks by 2027.

The event includes guest speakers from China Telecom, Etisalat, MTN, GSMA, and 3GPP/ETSI. Several thousand online attendees from more than 80 countries are expected to come together to explore how information and communications technology can power new economic growth both now and in a post-pandemic world.

Guo Ping, Huawei's rotating chairman, has said the pandemic has reshaped how we live and work, and has dealt a heavy blow to the world economy, yet technology can offer solutions. "As an ICT company, it's our responsibility to use the technology we have to help contain and defeat this pandemic. Together with our partners and customers, including carriers and enterprises of all types, we can use technological solutions to effect a positive impact on our communities."

Ping added, "By drawing on our experience in early hotspots, we have developed nine scenario-based solutions that use ICT technology to help combat the pandemic. Whether it's hospital network deployment, remote consultation, online education, or restarting governments and businesses, we've been sharing our experience and capabilities to help control the spread of the virus and reopen economies."

The company also told attendees that global 5G deployment now needs to focus on industry applications, as the business case for 5G is not just about better connectivity. Attendees were shown how technologies like 5G, computing, cloud, and AI can come together to reinforce each other and create numerous opportunities.

Guo explained, "Huawei has in-depth strengths in each of these domains [connectivity, AI, cloud, computing, and industry applications]. We can mix and match them to create scenario-based solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers and partners. This is key to unlocking the full potential of 5G and driving commercial success."

The event is being broadcast live from Shenzhen from today (27 July) to 30 July. Huawei will share details on how carriers can focus on both short-term and long-term goals, with more precise deployment helping carriers to maximise the value of their networks.