Huawei Reaches 100m Smartphone Milestone

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Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) has announced strong business results and rapid year-over-year growth. Huawei’s revenue exceeded $20 billion USD in 2015, nearly a 70 percent increase from 2014. Additionally, Huawei shipped 108 million smartphones in 2015 – a 44 percent increase from the previous year – becoming the first Chinese smartphone manufacturer to top the 100 million milestone.

Huawei experiences growth in global markets while becoming the top smartphone brand in China.

With Huawei shipping 108 million smartphones in 2015, the company cemented its position among the top three in market share, while, significantly reducing the gap to the competition. Additionally, Huawei has held the highest market share in China since March 2015, during which is launched two premium smartphones, the P8 and Mate S. Along with its breakthrough in China, Huawei experienced great success in global markets. In western Europe, Huawei’s market share in the high-end smartphone market (phones priced between 400 to 500 Euros) exceeded 60 percent, and, and the company ranked in the top three in market share in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and several other countries. In addition, Huawei shipped more than 12 million smartphones in Latin America during 2015, a year-over-year increase of 68 percent. In northeast Europe, shipments exceeded 3.46 million, a 114 percent increase from 2014, while 12 million smartphones were sold in the Middle East and Africa exceeded, ranking second in market share.