I-Com Mobile unveils I-Com To-Go

1 min read Networks & Network Services
I-Com Mobile has announced the launch of I-Com To-Go, an end to end, comprehensive lifecycle platform that is specifically deployed to build, launch, distribute, manage and monetise attractive mobile applications in the shortest possible time frame.

I-Com To-Go unleashes the power of the mobile web by providing a single ecosystem for multiple applications, using the broadest range of services, and ensuring extremely fast delivery, together with reduced costs in building and launching services and micro-services. The bottom line is richer, highly interconnected applications promoting innovation and information sharing.

The I-Com To-Go platform includes five different modules, each handling a critical stage in the application life cycle: Build (Quick-App): An application build tool, providing application developers with I-Com To-Go’s comprehensive and attractive, service creation environment and customized client widgets or SDKs; Launch (Quick Launch): An application launch tool, providing access to I-Com To-Go’s end-to-end testing and verification environment, and launch support; Distribute (Quick Circulate): I-Com To-Go’s application distribution tool which connects the application owner's application to both distribution channels (e.g. web sites, download catalogs) and the I-Com application store; Marketplace (Quick Share): I-Com To-Go’s online mall that lets developers share their technologies or resell applications – as plug-ins and technology services, to other members of the development community; Monetise (Quick Sell): I-Com To-Go’s application monetisation tools that foster a broad range of business models and facilitate connection of end user's to billing channels.

I-Com To-Go is a one stop platform for application development. It serves as a single point of contact for application developers, technology providers, operational interfaces, social networks and communities, and end users.

Shahar Amitai, general manager at I-Com Mobile, said: "The uniqueness of I-Com To-Go is in the innovative way in which we take the full application cycle, from conception, through build and launch, to application distribution, and bridge technological, operational and commercial gaps. We believe that I-Com to-Go can break down the barriers of the industry closed wall garden and change the way and speed in which applications will reach the end user.”