ICUK Simplifies Diagnostics with Portal Update

1 min read Networks & Network Services
ICUK has today announced the release of version 12 of its Control Panel web portal, with a particular emphasis on new support tools with the successful introduction of its new Knowledge Base Diagnostics feature.

Traditional management tools for broadband and telecoms have often been difficult to understand, complicated to follow and a minefield to read. ICUK’s latest release aims to make the process of real time diagnostics simple for resellers to walk through.

Niall Higgins, senior support engineer, says “Diagnosing faults at carrier broadband and telecoms level is a daily routine for the support team. We’ve been working closely with our resellers and listening to feedback on how to get the right diagnostic tools without having to blind them with complicated questions and results that are hard to interpret.”

Further to the expansion of its diagnostic tools, the company has written hundreds of new features for line rental management and ethernet order processing.

Neil Barnett (Pictured), Business Development Manager at ICUK, comments on the new release. “Through the whole of 2014, we’ve been concentrating on what we do best – writing thousands of lines of new code and implementing hundreds of new features. Coupled with our recently released Support Lounge, we’re very excited for the new release of version 12 of the Control Panel and how it can benefit both new and existing resellers in the marketplace in supporting their customers and growing their business. The fundamental credo behind any successful partnership is to not only give the reseller the right tools to manage their customers, but to give their end customers the tools to manage the products they’re using.”