Inaugural MobiteQ event from Qualitel proves success

1 min read
North Staffordshire company Qualitel has hosted the inaugural MobiteQ event at The Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent to showcase the latest in business mobile technology, fixed line and mobile applications alongside mobile vehicle tracking and lone worker solutions.

The event has been hailed as an overwhelming success by Qualitel as well as the supporting partners and attendees who were there.

Around 200 people attended over the two days and were treated to showcase stands from leading industry names such as Blackberry and Motorola. The event was so successful that Qualitel are already planning next year’s event.

The expo was a fully interactive experience, enabling attendees to trial the latest technological developments, platforms and handsets that will be shaping the way that businesses communicate in the future. The expo also utilised flat screens to demo the latest vehicle tracking, fixed line and lone worker products currently hosted by Qualitel.

Alongside the exhibitions, there were also areas for informal business networking and meetings as well as rolling presentations to learn more about MobiteQ and its meaning for business.

The event appealed to a wide range of different attendees including company owners, Managing Directors and I.T. managers but there were also many engineers, technical directors and varied other positions in attendance. The expo was an ‘open house’ event, with attendees able to come and go as they pleased in a relaxed, informal environment.

The event was sponsored by Blackberry, with a host of supporting partners including Vodafone, Mitel and O2 exhibiting. As hosts of the expo, Qualitel also had their own fixed line, vehicle tracking and Partner Programme stands at the event.