InTechnology unveils Instant Communications Manager Client

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InTechnology, the IT managed services provider, has launched Instant Communications Manager Client (ICMC), a new all-in-one manageable client where Instant Talk, Instant Alert and Instant Locate applications are accessible through one single portal.

Based on Push-to-Talk technology which is now widely deployed, ICMC enables businesses and public sector organisations to communicate with their employees more effectively and efficiently than when using a conventional walkie-talkie device.

ICMC comes with a range of advanced mobile calling, tracking and recording features including one-to-one calling, group announcements to selected users, instant alerts, stealth listening and automatic recording, as well as location detection.

Such features provide an unprecedented level of flexibility, enabling businesses and other organisations to communicate quickly and comprehensively with staff, as well as offering monitoring and security features designed to protect employees from any potential harm.

ICMC has been designed against a backdrop of several influencing factors, as Maria Pouney, InTechnology’s Group Product Manager for Instant Communications explains:

“As communications technologies continue to converge, there is a greater need to carry fewer devices. Because Instant Communications applications are built into the mobile phone, this means one less device for employees to carry. Also, Software as a Service applications are growing, providing organisations with greater flexibility to introduce new initiative to support their staff and their businesses.

“And with the economy still in the doldrums, the need for businesses and other organisations to improve efficiencies their resource management has never been higher.”

Maria adds: “New and emerging legislation means that employers need to adhere to legal and regulatory demands. For example, the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 means there is now a practical, moral and legal imperative for organisations to protect their workers. Legally, a lone worker should not be put at greater risk than any other employee. Instant Communications applications such as Instant Alert and Locate enable organisations to better protect their staff, particularly lone workers and those involved in riskier professions such as traffic wardens, couriers, lorry drivers and emergency services.

With the ICMC, employers can now communicate one-to-one or one-to-all simultaneously, track staff movements and immediately receive alerts when significant events or major issues arise.