Intelisys Launches UK Channel Model

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Intelisys Global, the European subsidiary of Technology Services Distributor Intelisys Communications, has launched a new channel model to the UK telecommunications and cloud markets. Intelisys is preparing to announce a portfolio of new Supplier Partners and Sales Partners shortly. Intelisys Global will also host its first major UK event, scheduled for 19 July, 2016.

“As telecoms providers and other service providers increasingly develop more mature end-to-end service portfolios, there is significant opportunity for the end customers to procure services direct; and the aggregation of these multiple provided services via a community of interest has enabled Intelisys to become the market leader in this space,” says Stephen Hackett, Intelisys Global’s lead in the UK. “We view Europe as a sleeping giant in terms of our new channel model, and the opportunity for the introduction of this two-tier services distribution model is hugely exciting.”

The Technology Services Distributor only officially announced expansion plans in March 2016, and began building out a London team, under the management of Stephen Hackett, to attract, service and support a European Partner community based on the successful two-tier model it has operated under in the United States since 1994. Intelisys Global has now begun the process of engaging a new community of Sales Partners in Europe, as they sell telecom, connectivity and cloud services to business customers around the globe, with dedicated support in the UK.

“We have been leveraging a relationship with Intelisys for over 20 years now,” said Michael Rafferty, co-founder of DVP Technologies, an Intelisys Sales Partner. “Our relationship with Intelisys allows us to offer multiple services, through multiple providers, all under one umbrella. The Intelisys model saves time and effort, allowing my team to build deeper customer relationships and institute the right solutions as quickly as possible. We remain unbiased and independent, which means our clients always win. The potential for our peers in the UK is staggering.”