Interalia Launches Teleconferencing Solution

The increasing cost of flights, hotels and lost productivity when travelling has resulted in the growing use of teleconferencing. Now Interalia, a leader in the design and manufacture of digital voice announcement solutions, has launched the Conference Bridge 800, a flexible and cost effective entry level ‘dial in’ teleconferencing solution for small and medium enterprises.

The audio conference technology includes a built-in voice prompter, entry and exit tones, first caller greeting and audio output to enable conference audio recording.

The eight-port Conference Bridge 800 is easy to use and provides a fast return on investment. The plug-n-play teleconferencing solution improves communication efficiency by enabling company employees to quickly and easily come together to discuss critical, complex or emergency business situations regardless of physical distance.

Interalia’s Conference Bridge 800 is an internal enterprise solution therefore making it more secure than using a third party audio conference provider, which is particularly important when dealing with emergency or company sensitive situations. Built on a solid-state platform that ensures maintenance-free operation, the Conference Bridge 800 is robust and reliable and has been engineered in-house by Interalia.