Interoute launches Virtual Data Centre Disaster Recovery Service

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New service includes free data transit between Interoute VDC zones

Interoute, owner operator of cloud services platform, has launched a self-service disaster recovery and backup service as part of its Virtual Data Centre (VDC) offering, built into its pan European network and Data Centre platform. The disaster recovery and local backup capabilities are available to organisations that provision their on-demand computing, needs via Interoute’s VDC and are looking to build a resilient architecture across multiple geographically separated locations.

Currently, disaster recovery is being critically overlooked, mainly due to its cost. The old way of thinking was that DR was too expensive, but this has changed with the cloud. The tiers offered within Interoute’s self-service disaster recovery and backup service allow IT professionals to quickly build affordable data and application recovery strategies without the need to invest in a separate physical data centre. Contrary to current solutions, enterprises won’t even need to pay for transporting data between Interoute’s VDC zones, saving on expensive data traffic costs when moving content from one VDC zone to another. Not only this, but its pricing model means that organisations only pay for the storage they use. This can be scaled to reflect demand, resulting in a service that is as cost effective as the public cloud and as secure as a private cloud.

Interoute’s Cloud Storage tiers are available via Interoute’s online application marketplace, “Interoute CloudStore”. The store’s ‘click and play’ approach means that organisations can easily replicate data volume enabling automatic back-up and securing of data in an instant. Once selected, every file or document saved in the office is then automatically backed up locally or a replication is sent to another data centre ensuring complete separation. The service is currently available in three locations; London, Amsterdam and Geneva, with plans to expand across its pan-European network in the future – including Berlin in H2 2012.

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute commented “Back up of data in the cloud is becoming increasingly widespread as organisations recognise the benefits. It’s not about taking risks with your data, it’s about using a solution that’s appropriate for your company and picking the right level of back up”. “Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre provides a disaster recovery service with the security of the private cloud but with the cost effectiveness of a public cloud.”