IntraLAN partners with Zero Networks

Managed services provider IntraLAN has become the first company in the UK to partner with Zero Networks.

Zero Networks, based in Tel Aviv, is a cybersecurity company best known for its cloud-based network security service that automatically defines and enforces a zero trust network model.

Inside most networks, users and machines are free to connect to many assets, leaving sensitive data and critical systems open to unauthorised use. Zero Networks Access Orchestrator provides a solution by restricting the access of every network device to only what a user needs with one click. This prevents unauthorised lateral movement and eliminates internal attack vectors, keeping company data safe.

Andy Horn, CEO of IntraLAN (pictured) said: “IntraLAN leads the way in innovative IT services and we welcome Zero Networks to our rapidly expanding cybersecurity partner community. Zero Networks is changing the face of cybersecurity with its intuitive service and we look forward to introducing enterprises to the benefits of zero trust network access.”

Pairing Zero Networks’ solution with IntraLAN’s managed services, cybersecurity expertise and WorkIN IT and connectivity service for remote or distributed workforces will give companies a suite of scalable services to keep the hybrid workplace secure, IntraLAN said. IntraLAN will also operate as a distributor for Zero Networks’ service.

“Any organisation that needs to protect themselves from commodity malware, ransomware and attackers spreading in their networks can benefit from our service,” added Benny Lakunishok, co-founder and CEO of Zero Networks. “IntraLAN’s extensive service in connectivity, cybersecurity and managed services make them the ideal partner to help us enter the UK market.”