IP Telephony Enhancing Productivity say Toshiba

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Tim Webb, General Manager at Toshiba Business Communications Division, has told Comms Business Magazine that when it comes to mobile / remote working, IP telephony both enhances efficiency and productivity, whilst enabling a customer to run their business in a more flexible and effective way.

"The ability to support remote workers is an integral feature of IP telephony, so it doesn't require significant additional capital investment to enable a business to set up office at home or elsewhere. Features such as remote access to voicemails, call forwarding and the 'follow me' roaming capability can be a cost effective way of allowing employees to work as if they were in the office.

For this very reason we have partnered with Wavelink. By combining the functionality of their Mobility Extension product with our Strata CIX platform, users get the functionality such as voicemail, call forwarding and call hold, on their mobile. This is an important tool for businesses to improve customer service and ensure callers can always get through, and is therefore a great value-add for resellers.

We have also recently undergone a project with Shaw Trust, a charity which has saved £6,000 on running costs by converting to an IP telephony system. The organisation has a number of remote workers that are required to make frequent calls back to head office. By using VoIP, calls to and from mobiles are charged at a reduced rate, meaning the charity can save even more money."