It’s Official: LLU Lines now Over a Million

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Peter Black, the Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA), has said today that he is very pleased to confirm that the OTA scheme supported by Ofcom, the LLU Industry and BT Group PLC has been successful in achieving its primary objective.

“In July 2004 we jointly set a target to be able to deliver One Million lines unbundled by the end of 2006. The total number of unbundled lines has now reached One Million.

When the OTA scheme started in July 2004 there had been approximately 15000 lines unbundled in the UK over the previous four years. It is a testament to extremely hard work in the LLUOs, the OTA team and BT/Openreach that we have achieved our goal and will clearly exceed it by the end of the year.

I believe LLU has had a very significant effect in driving the Broadband Marketplace forward for the benefit of Consumers both in price and flexibility of product.

There are still significant Operational challenges ahead for BT & Openreach in conjunction with the LLUOs to complete the industrialisation processes for LLU. However the plans are in place and the commitment to deliver on the challenges has been reinforced by the Openreach CEO Steve Robertson.”