Jabra unveils sustainable packaging

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Jabra has revealed recyclable packaging for two of its products. The Elite 85t earbuds and the Evolve2 headset range now use less plastic and more responsibly sourced materials, including FSC certified paper.

The new Elite 85t packaging is 38 per cent smaller than its predecessor and uses 85 per cent less plastic. The Jabra Evolve2 30 headset is now sold in a soft pouch with a paper label around it; that pouch is then placed in a slim and functional paper bag. The company said this slimmer bag is “sturdy enough to protect the headset in the shipping process” and is also smaller in size, so more products can be mailed in one shipment.

Jabra said the improved packaging for these two products takes the company closer to its goal of achieving 100 per cent sustainable packaging across all of its product ranges.

Maurits Hekking, head of sustainability at GN, Jabra’s parent company, explained, “At Jabra, we all share the passion for sustainability, and we’re committed to reducing the ecological footprint of our products by developing smarter products and packaging. Seeing our goals come to life with these new packages as a result of our great collaboration with other teams across the board is a great milestone in Jabra’s continuous journey to a more sustainable future.”

Jabra also has product take-back schemes in several regions, including the UK, known as Jabra’s Green Initiative. Through this scheme, people who want to trade in their existing products for a newer model receive a discount when they send their old product back to Jabra. Jabra then recycles the device under the European WEEE Directive.