Kingston Provides DIY Call Routing

2 min read
Kingston Communications has launched its ‘SelfCare’ platform. SelfCare enables resellers and their customers to manage their call routing plans for 08 and 09 telephone numbers in real time, using standard internet browser software.

The secure service delivers significant operational efficiencies by putting resellers in control of service features previously only available by engaging with Kingston’s technical staff.

Users of the system are able to log on anywhere at anytime and have the power to amend call routes to fit in with varying levels of demand by directing calls to the most appropriate operatives. For example, customers such as multimedia companies running ‘phone to win’ competitions or ticketing companies now have the power to quickly alter call routes themselves to fit in with fluctuating levels of calls instead of logging the problem and having to wait several days for the change to be implemented.

Previously, just a small alteration to a routing plan would have resulted in a complex chain of emails and a labour intensive process that would have taken several days to complete. The autonomous SelfCare platform enables resellers and customers alike to save huge amounts of time.

The platform offers a host of benefits to Kingston Communications resellers. Direct and real time access to the system means immense cost as well as time savings. This benefit extends out to customers who are also given access to a 24/7 service giving them complete control over their own offering. This gives resellers an opportunity to increase revenues as the cost of running the platform itself is minimal.

With both users and resellers accessing the tool, security is imperative. Kingston Communications has invested heavily in the security of this offering and four types of different passwords are required to make any changes. In addition, SelfCare uses ‘hierarchical security’ ensuring users can only manage subscriptions to which they have been assigned access.

David Hearne, Director of Sales Operations at Kingston Communications, said: ‘‘SelfCare is designed to make it easier and more profitable for our partners to do business with Kingston; this is primarily due to the decreased labour costs through the automation of the platform. As a completely rebrandable offering, SelfCare enables partners to drive revenue and margin more effectively whilst strengthening their own brand. The SelfCare platform has huge potential and we have already secured interest with 80% of our existing partners.’’

Neil Hollands of Concert Networks said: “SelfCare has enabled Concert to provide a greatly improved level of service to our customers by enabling real-time changes to routing plans and also immediate set-up of new numbers. Additionally, we are now able to offer greater levels of functionality to our customers and this will provide both an additional revenue stream and a method of retaining customers. Compared to our other NGN suppliers, Kingston’s SelfCare platform provides a new level of flexibility and minimises time and effort for all parties.”

Kingston Communications has already started trialing the SelfCare platform with 10 partners and aims to sign 10 - 20 partners per week over the next 6 months.