Latest snom Phone Firmware Interoperable with BroadSoft

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snom 3xx series IP desktop phone firmware version validated for BroadSoft’s BroadWorks VoIP communications application server available through top telecommunications carriers worldwide

snom technology AG, developer of IP desktop phones and IP communications solutions today announced continued interoperability between the snom 3xx series IP phones and BroadSoft’s BroadWorks SIP interface. BroadWorks is a hosted VoIP platform that delivers voice, video, fax and email communications to businesses and consumers worldwide. The following snom 3xx series IP desktop phones with firmware are formally validated as SIP access devices for BroadWorks Release 18.SP1: snom 300, snom 320 and snom 370.

snom IP desktop phones are available to BroadSoft's large customer base of more than 500 telecommunications service provider customers that deliver enhanced, personalised communications and entertainment services to their businesses and residential subscribers. BroadSoft serves 18 of the top 25 largest telecommunications carriers in over 65 countries and in 25 languages. With the most recent validation process complete, customers who subscribe to the BroadSoft BroadWorks hosted VoIP service can benefit from the latest features and functionality when choosing snom 3xx series desktop telephones for their employees.

“snom is committed to interoperability with a large number of SIP-based platforms and is pleased to have completed the recent certification for BroadSoft’s BroadWorks SIP interface. BroadSoft is at the forefront of the IP telephony industry with a mature, reliable platform, so we are extremely pleased that our phones continue to be widely available to BroadSoft customers around the globe,” said Mike Storella, snom technology chief operating officer.

In addition to the certification, snom IP desk phones add specialised integration for some of the BroadWorks’ features, including the ability to assign “Contact List Buddy” keys on the phone that are automatically populated and associated with entries in a contact list.

The snom phones also improve call agent and phone provisioning support, allow the entry of OCI credentials using the phone user interface and support the BroadSoft AOC (Advice of Charge) feature, an advanced feature that informs a customer about charges they will incur for telecommunications services.

snom 3xx series desktop telephones are affordable and offer the core features important to today’s business customers. The entry-level snom 300 is a good fit for general office workers, while the 320 adds more line keys for office workers with high call volumes. The snom 370 maximises productivity with a large graphical display and built-in mini browser for Web-based applications such as custom contact centre applications, phone directories and news postings on phone screen.

Additional products in the snom portfolio will complete certification for BroadSoft’s BroadWorks in the coming months.”