Mainline provides dealers with Everything Everywhere training

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Distributor, Mainline Digital Communications, has recently held a series of Everything Everywhere training sessions to keep its dealers up-to-date and informed of all the latest changes.

The comprehensive interactive sessions held at Mainline’s head office, the Holiday Inn in Burton and the T-Mobile offices in Greenock, were run by experienced presenters Rick Warren and Karm Kooner from Everything Everywhere.

Paddy Gill from PRS Telecom comments on the training: “This was a very useful session to enable me to understand how the two networks are aligning themselves alongside one another.”

The meetings detailed current and future developments from both networks. This included an overview of Orange and T-Mobile, a summary of unique sales propositions for each brand, a review of business tariffs following the refresh and finally an overview of the support functions at Everything Everywhere. Dealers were actively encouraged to contribute and ask questions throughout.

“I found the training very useful, particularly the T-Mobile element,” comments Andy Hakin from Businesswise Solutions. “It was particularly good to get the interaction and perspectives from other dealers.”

“The training sessions were a great success,” comments Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “We wanted to make sure our dealers were fully up-to-date with the latest developments from both networks and the interactive sessions have proved to be both popular and beneficial.”

Orange and T-Mobile network share was also covered during the training, with the promise of seamless coverage from late 2011, and confirmation that automatic network switching will occur mid-call.