Make it Permanent says Aruba Chief on Work Wise

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Today marks the start of Work Wise Week 2010 – an initiative designed to encourage the widespread adoption of smarter working practices such as flexible, remote and home working. This week offers organisations the chance to consider and improve upon their current mobile working policies to accommodate the increasingly distributed and flexible workforce.

Roger Hockaday, director of marketing EMEA at Aruba Networks, a global leader in secure mobility solutions, has made the following comments:

“Whether it be freak weather conditions or yet another tube strike, we’ve seen time and time again that companies need to provide their employees with the ability to work away from the office – often at very short notice. The usual response is for enterprises to authorise the traditional laptop and internet connection – home or public Wi-Fi – a combination that has proven data security implications.

“However, in recent years the need to work flexibly has grown far beyond these occasional uses, as companies and their employees become increasingly distributed across branch and home offices. The way organisations operate also is changing, so businesses must look to adopt technologies that meet the long-term demands of the evolving workforce.

“So while the ‘mobile working’ or ‘remote office’ days are certainly welcome, there must be a real push to reflect the overall shift in working practices. What we need now is more encouragement for businesses to invest in solutions that allow their workforce to work wherever, whenever, on an ongoing basis while at the same time reducing office costs and carbon emissions.”