Megger puts network testing on the net

1 min read
A new resource for all network and communication test professionals, the Megger Networks website not only provides access to a wide range of helpful application notes and data sheets, but also features a virtual structured cabling tester that enables users to enhance their testing skills and to review the operation of Megger’s SCT range of network testers. The website also includes the latest product announcements and other news from Megger relating to network testing.

Instruments in the SCT range are high-performance testers for certifying and evaluating copper and fibre cabling installations. The virtual instrument on the Megger Networks website provides an accurate simulation of an SCT tester, and is operated by clicking buttons and responding to the on-screen prompts in exactly the same way as would be done with a real instrument. This allows users to learn about the capabilities of the testers and gain experience in network testing before they purchase an instrument.

To complement the virtual instrument, the website features an informative animated testing timeline that clearly illustrates how SCT testers minimise the time needed for network testing and troubleshooting. Also provided is a guide to the SCT range and its accessories with key product features clearly highlighted, and an easy-to-use configurator that allows users to design and order an instrument that accurately meets the own specific requirements, simply by answering a few straightforward on-screen questions.

The data sheets provided on the new website provide additional information about SCT instruments and accessories, while the application notes offer detailed guidance on structured cable certification tests, and on alien crosstalk testing. Registered users of the site can also access user manuals, software and firmware upgrades for testers in Megger’s SCT range.